Podoloog Dendermonde

Podoloog? Wat is dat?

Podology is the science, the skill that deals with the structure, the function and the physiopathology of the foot in relation to higher segments. Also higher situated complaints, such as knee, hip and back pain, which find their cause at the level of the foot, are part of the field of work of the podiatrist.

Een bezoek aan de podoloog staat garant voor professionele hulp voor gezonde voeten, maar helpt ook bij andere pijnen

Podoloog Rebecca Bosteels

Rebecca is the in-house Podiatrist at Division92. Her love for this discipline stems from being able to help people through the multifaceted nature of podology!

Children, adults (both athletes and non-sporters), people with diabetes, the elderly, ... can consult a podiatrist.

Do you suffer from lower limbs or lower back complaints, would you like advice or preventive screening? If so, you can schedule an appointment with her. After an initial conversation in which the complaint is discussed, an examination takes place in which she works as specifically as possible.

Depending on the results, together you will compose a treatment plan that best meets the complaint and your own needs and wishes.

You can consult the podiatrist for follow issues:

  • Step and walking analysis
  • Biomechanical and clinical research
  • Podiatric soles
  • Instrumental treatment or foot care
  • (diabetes)screening
  • (shoe)advice

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