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Are you experiencing muscle pain, joint pain, an injury or other complaints? Has it suddenly arisen or has the complaint been present for a long time? Will you need to rehabilitate after surgery? Physiotherapy can be the solution for you. Through a combination of exercises and therapies (manual therapy, dry needling, cryotherapy ...) you can decrease the pain and can prevent problems in the future. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Bij Division92 hebben we met Wout Nobels een eigen kinesist in Dendermonde in huis.


Physiotherapy at Division92 is tailored to the patient's needs and personal requirements. By engaging in a dialogue with you, as a patient, you will receive a unique rehabilitation that is tailored to your needs. During the therapy, healing, exercise and the resumption of (sports) activities will be central.

The practice will be run by Wout Nobels. Early on Wout knew that he wanted to become a physiotherapist because of his interest in sports and the human body. He has practiced several sports himself and can therefore link his experience to his scientific knowledge. This ensures that he is able to offer you the most efficient and targeted therapy for the recovery of your injury or discomfort. No two therapies look exactly the same.

  • Master in Sports Physiotherapy (UAntwerpen)
  • Master in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (UAntwerpen)
  • Postgraduate in Manual Therapy (UGent)
  • Dry Needling in training (Trigger)
Sports-specific courses:
  • Analysing running technique & running re-education
  • Running Related Injuries: rehab & prevention
  • Strength and Conditioning for Physiotherapists