FIT + Group lessons for seniors

Imagine what your life would be like without all those little pains. If you could do all of those nice things that you seem to missing out on. Through our Fit+ group exercise classes we offer personal guidance for seniors in the field of physical exercise.

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FIT+ is an agile program for people over 55 wanting to get the most from their lives.

During the classes you will receive guidance on various exercises aimed at strengthening your body;

- making it more agile
- providing more flexibility
- to experience a better quality of life

As senior citizens you will be moving together, so you will also be stimulating each other. It is a fun, social activity in which you get to know new people!
Nadja offers sporting activities for seniors through her FIT+ group classes.

As a life and movement coach she has been teaching group lessons for seniors since 2016. She also holds the diplomas of Lifecoach and Sportcoach.

Her ambition in our center?
To motivate and maintain movement for people in senior citizens' associations, service centers and sports clubs!

The participants are mainly people who are retired, who may or may not have a partner, where social isolation lurks around the corner. People who meet for a chat. This can happen through the unique FIT+ group classes.