Muay Thai is truly a full body work-out. You will burn a lot of calories and train different muscle groups. Think it's something for you? Come and try one of the group classes at Division 92.

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Our Muay Thai classes are always taught by our in-house coach, Vincent.
Active as a competitive Thai boxer and filled with personal experience, he will show you all the tricks of the trade!

Sharpen your endurance, your technique and your speed!

During our classes we will teach you not only the basics of Muay Thai boxing, but also how to work on your posture and stamina.
By exercising in a group you will get to know your own body even better by sparring with different opponents. In addition, our coach will teach you all the combos and kicks of kickboxing!

Do not let yourself be put off, the lessons are intensive, but offer a lot of amusement, variation and group feeling.